Legends of Ceredyn

This blog post is about a personal project of mine. The previous posts about the High Council, the Bear Storm Guard and my avatar, the Ferret Knight, all are part of a big project: the Legends of Ceredyn. It’s about a kingdom inhabited by anthropomorphic animals that gets invaded by a terrible horde. Our hero is a ferret named Furydon the Knight. He is send out to ask the High King and his council for help. Needless to say,  it’s a journey full of dangerous and evil perils!

The story is still very young, very new and early in development and will take many months to complete. But if you are as excited as me about strange lands with heroic animals, then stay tuned, because I will keep you updated on this project!

Here is a teaser: To the rescue! Our cat companion is about to become a meal for the swamp monster!

To the rescue
To the rescue