LEGENDS OF CEREDYN – General Aodhan of Bergen

I thought it would be nice to think up some characters and write down their backstories. Here goes the first one: The General of the High kingdom, Aodhan of Bergen.

General Aodhan of Bergen
General Aodhan of Bergen

With his towering height and broad shoulders, the General of the High Kingdom commands respect from friend and foe. Recruited during the 50 year civil war, he has served in the army since he was barely grown out of cubhood. He fought his way up the ranks displaying exceptional bravery and strength. Soon his name was feared among his enemies and praised by his commanding officers. Tinnagon Hargammar, the current King, granted him the rank of general for his loyalty and military achievements: it was thanks to his strategic insight that the final battle was won and the civil war brought to an end. He is not much of an politician and prefers wielding the sword on a battlefield over twisting words and devious rhetorics in Parliament. A commoner by birth, the nobility despises him as much as they fear him. His conflicts with the old nobel elite are often the reason for quarrels with the King. While he is ruthless and known for merciless deeds against his foes, he is respected by his men. The Captain of the Bear guard, Gunnarr Cunarson, is his main rival.

Hope you like it!

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