Cats … in space … flying awesome space fighters …

Is this for real? YES it IS! Robotic Potato is currently developing a 2D vertical space shooter game with feline heroes fighting a canine empire with some WOII cultural references echoing, named Spacecats in Space!
And I get to paint the promo art and develop the concepts for the characters, ships and suits. How cool is that!

Beside the fact that it will become a great 2D shoot ‘m up game, it will have a very interesting plot too. Let me illustrate how funny, witty and inventive their ideas are with a small  personal story.
When it comes to cats and dogs, I’m a cat person. I’ve had a dog as a child and loved the little mongrel and I’m still fond of dogs. Well all animals with less than 6 legs can count on my sympathy, but the whole Felidae family in general is just irresistible.
Now this game has a story and character development in it that makes me almost root for the dogs. In fact, it’s Star Wars all over again. You are supposed to be on the rebel side, buuuuuut, secretly I always rooted for the bad guys: I just feel so sorry for their crappy marksmanship, I guess …

Anyway, here is the promo artwork for the Cat team: The Cougar Squadron. From left to right:
Flight Officer Art Buckle – Captain Jane “Jinxy” Cat – in the back Colonel Neville Chesterfield, Ground Control Officer – Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III (Angel for friends). She is the main character, a heavy set woman wrapped up in a space suit like a sausage – Lieutenant Mike “Maverick” Linsfield, the hunk of the squadron – and on the far right the only dog in the team Frederick “Fred” Stubblehauser, the scientist.


Cougar Squadron
Cougar Squadron – Promo art for an upcoming 2D game by Robotic Potato

I’m working on the dog team of the Grolich Empire now and post it as soon as possible on my blog. Meanwhile you can follow Robotic Potato’s twitter feed to stay up to date with the latest news on Spacecats in Space!

Legends of Ceredyn

This blog post is about a personal project of mine. The previous posts about the High Council, the Bear Storm Guard and my avatar, the Ferret Knight, all are part of a big project: the Legends of Ceredyn. It’s about a kingdom inhabited by anthropomorphic animals that gets invaded by a terrible horde. Our hero is a ferret named Furydon the Knight. He is send out to ask the High King and his council for help. Needless to say,  it’s a journey full of dangerous and evil perils!

The story is still very young, very new and early in development and will take many months to complete. But if you are as excited as me about strange lands with heroic animals, then stay tuned, because I will keep you updated on this project!

Here is a teaser: To the rescue! Our cat companion is about to become a meal for the swamp monster!

To the rescue
To the rescue

We need more humans!

Recently I got two portfolio reviews and the verdict was that there were too few humans.  True, true. Due to my work on the Ferret story, which is a complete anthropomorphic animal story, I tend to neglect human beings a bit. So, time to diversify!

And don’t forget: if you have questions or remarks, feel free to drop a line.


The High Council

Wow, time flies! It has been too long since my last blog post. Never knew that the High Council would take me so long to finish, and I’m still quite unhappy about it. The thing is, when spending so long on one piece, you loose your ability to see mistakes. Yet everything I wanted to be in the picture is there: the diffuse dusty light int the back, the King vulture in his regal attire, the menacing throne, the council looking at our ferret knight (still haven’t figured out his name) and keeping their distance … yet … I don’t know. It’s such a struggle sometimes to illustrate the image that is perfect in your mind. They often turn out so flawed in reality.
There is a story in all my ferret illustrations, but hush, it’s still a secret :)

The High Council and the King
The High Council and the King!