The Red Market Kickstarter Campaign has launched!

In less than 2 hours and 20 minutes, Red Markets Kickstarter reached its initial funding goal! Hurrah for Caleb!
Lets go for the stretch goals now and make this game even more awesome!

Red Markets.png
Red Markets – economic zombie horror

New to Red Markets? It’s about the end of the world, about zombies, horror, survival and the eternal question: how are you going to pay your rent while everything around you is falling apart.

You can get a taste and follow the full play test campaign on RPPR “THE BRUTALISTS”: run by the author and game designer himself or read his Blog.

Beside the cover, here is some artwork I did that’s featured in the rulebook:

Veteran Taker
Veteran Taker

Who said pen&paper RPG was dead? If that was ever the case, Caleb Stokes resurrected the genre in 2 hours.

Spacecats in Space! Here are the villains

Another ‘Spacecats in Space!‘ update. Who’s the best opponent for a cat? Dogs right?
So let me present you the fearsome opponents for our Cougar team: The Grolich Empire.

The Grolich team
The Grolich team. From Left to right: Kapitan Bostwick Fritz – Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried – Oberluft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss – Oberstleutnant Siegfried Krumholtz – Tank Captain Greta Kriegshund

The weapon Kapitan Bostwick Fritz (far left) is hauling is one of the smaller canons of his Stubblehauser Heavy Gunship. The guy is so enormous he’s just walking around with it. With ‘enormous’ I mean that he could shred The Mountain to pieces and have him as dessert. He is something of a colossal Mastiff, Doberman and Pitbull rolled into one.  Then we have a Schnauzer, Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried, our noble opponent. What better breed than a German Shepard as Oblk. Von Scholss? He is Princess Angel’s nemesis. ‘Tall, powerful, well dressed, commanding’ that was what my client’s brief said. Of course, every bad guy needs to have a bootlicking idiot, so let me present you Lt. Krumholtz. Finally we have Captain Greta Kriegshund as a really mean vicious bitch (pun intended). She is ruthless, mean and absolutely hates cats.

So here you have them, hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re interested in how the game development is going, just follow Robotic Potato’s tweets (or keep an eye on my blog as I will post updates from time to time).


Cats … in space … flying awesome space fighters …

Is this for real? YES it IS! Robotic Potato is currently developing a 2D vertical space shooter game with feline heroes fighting a canine empire with some WOII cultural references echoing, named Spacecats in Space!
And I get to paint the promo art and develop the concepts for the characters, ships and suits. How cool is that!

Beside the fact that it will become a great 2D shoot ‘m up game, it will have a very interesting plot too. Let me illustrate how funny, witty and inventive their ideas are with a small  personal story.
When it comes to cats and dogs, I’m a cat person. I’ve had a dog as a child and loved the little mongrel and I’m still fond of dogs. Well all animals with less than 6 legs can count on my sympathy, but the whole Felidae family in general is just irresistible.
Now this game has a story and character development in it that makes me almost root for the dogs. In fact, it’s Star Wars all over again. You are supposed to be on the rebel side, buuuuuut, secretly I always rooted for the bad guys: I just feel so sorry for their crappy marksmanship, I guess …

Anyway, here is the promo artwork for the Cat team: The Cougar Squadron. From left to right:
Flight Officer Art Buckle – Captain Jane “Jinxy” Cat – in the back Colonel Neville Chesterfield, Ground Control Officer – Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III (Angel for friends). She is the main character, a heavy set woman wrapped up in a space suit like a sausage – Lieutenant Mike “Maverick” Linsfield, the hunk of the squadron – and on the far right the only dog in the team Frederick “Fred” Stubblehauser, the scientist.


Cougar Squadron
Cougar Squadron – Promo art for an upcoming 2D game by Robotic Potato

I’m working on the dog team of the Grolich Empire now and post it as soon as possible on my blog. Meanwhile you can follow Robotic Potato’s twitter feed to stay up to date with the latest news on Spacecats in Space!

A paper and pen RPG on zombies …. yay!

Some of you already might know: I love working for indie games. Today I present you the cover artwork for Red Markets, A pen ‘n paper RPG game in development by Caleb Stokes from Hebanon Games.

It is certainly not your average hack and whack zombie game. No, this one has some interesting mechanics built into it and you’ll need to rely on your functioning brain to stay alive!

Curious? Follow his twitter  feed and stay up to date with the zombie madness!

Cover art Red Markets
Red Markets – Hebanon Games


Great! I’ve found a good print-on-demand shop: you can now get a print of my work via INPRNT

If you spotted a personal work on my portfolio that is not yet on the shop, drop me a line and I’ll put it there. Sadly commissioned works cannot be made available :/
For now only three works are for sale, but more to come!

Here’s one of the available prints:

Lizard painting
You thought smuggling lizards would be fun?