When in doubt, just use a disintegration spell

Finished this illustration just before 2015 ends! I really had a long hard fight with this one, since I had to get a lot of information and detail on a limited, portrait oriented canvas. To get ruins of a huge temple, an enormous monster and an adventuring party fighting said monster in a sinkhole in a vertical composition and in one painting was a gruesome battle on its own. If that wasn’t enough, the blast of the spell caster created the annoying effect of flattening everything. So I had to juggle a lot of problems at the same time: depth, different and conflicting light sources and their shadows, design and poses of the characters, multiple focal points…

If I had the time and the courage, I would redo the whole painting on a landscape oriented canvas. Also, a weird thing is going on with the colors and different devices (like tablet vs smartphone vs computer display). For some reason,  lot of the blueish and greenish colors are lost, even on this blog. There is a difference with what I see as I type my text and the preview. So if you want to see the best image of this illustrations you can go to my website.

See you next year!

Disintegration spells are awesome!
Disintegration spells are awesome!

An old commander’s last battle

Maybe I’ve played far too many times Baldur’s Gate Shadows of Amn. An old school RPG computer game released in 2000 that got revamped in 2013. Even by todays standard and 3D heavy games, it still rocks! Plus, for someone who suffers from digital motion sickness, it is a relief that there are still cRPG games with a fixed camera out there.

But this isn’t a game review. The game just inspired me to make this piece. I don’t want to post any spoilers here, but BGII players (depending on the NPCs in your party) might remember a rather epic ending for an old paladin. Well, this isn’t fan art: the scene is very different from the epilogue, but the general idea behind the ending got my inspiration going.

For all of you not familiar with the game, I hope you still still enjoy this piece!

An old commander's last battle
An old commander’s last battle

Gnome wizard

It has been too long since my last post, but it was so busy with Spacecats in Space that there was no time left to work on my own projects. So I’m going to make it up by posting my adventuring gnome wizard! Don’t be fooled by his small appearance, he is a formidable wizard and few match his knowledge of the arcane. Assisted by his not-so-brave familiar Mr. Bunny, he wanders the world to find old tomes guarded by witch kings or to battle evil side by side with human warriors and famous heroes.


gnome wizard
gnome wizard

Wood elf

Just finished a portrait illustration of a Wood Elf. I tried to give her less of an ethereal look. A bit more of a down to earth, hard working, survival- through battle-with-ugly-monsters type of elf. No time for prancing under the trees!

Wood elf portrait
Wood elf portrait

Space battles!

New content for the upcoming “Spacecats in space!” computer game by Robotic Potato, a NYC-based indie game studio.

The mighty Grolich Empire is attacking the planet Meowfyre. Oberluft Kommandant Von Schloss demands the planet surrender or he will destroy it slowly city by city with the mass driver gun on his super spacedreadnaught, the “Fenrir”.

Promotional artwork for "Spacecats in space!"
Promotional artwork for “Spacecats in space!”

Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III leads the counter attack with her Cougar Squadron. A fierce dog/cat fight ensues between  the Cougar CAT1 Heavy Fighters and the Reinwulf Space Superiority Fighters.

Spaceship sprites for "Spacecats in Space!"
Spaceship sprites for “Spacecats in Space!”


Spacecats in Space! Here are the villains

Another ‘Spacecats in Space!‘ update. Who’s the best opponent for a cat? Dogs right?
So let me present you the fearsome opponents for our Cougar team: The Grolich Empire.

The Grolich team
The Grolich team. From Left to right: Kapitan Bostwick Fritz – Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried – Oberluft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss – Oberstleutnant Siegfried Krumholtz – Tank Captain Greta Kriegshund

The weapon Kapitan Bostwick Fritz (far left) is hauling is one of the smaller canons of his Stubblehauser Heavy Gunship. The guy is so enormous he’s just walking around with it. With ‘enormous’ I mean that he could shred The Mountain to pieces and have him as dessert. He is something of a colossal Mastiff, Doberman and Pitbull rolled into one.  Then we have a Schnauzer, Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried, our noble opponent. What better breed than a German Shepard as Oblk. Von Scholss? He is Princess Angel’s nemesis. ‘Tall, powerful, well dressed, commanding’ that was what my client’s brief said. Of course, every bad guy needs to have a bootlicking idiot, so let me present you Lt. Krumholtz. Finally we have Captain Greta Kriegshund as a really mean vicious bitch (pun intended). She is ruthless, mean and absolutely hates cats.

So here you have them, hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re interested in how the game development is going, just follow Robotic Potato’s tweets (or keep an eye on my blog as I will post updates from time to time).


Cats … in space … flying awesome space fighters …

Is this for real? YES it IS! Robotic Potato is currently developing a 2D vertical space shooter game with feline heroes fighting a canine empire with some WOII cultural references echoing, named Spacecats in Space!
And I get to paint the promo art and develop the concepts for the characters, ships and suits. How cool is that!

Beside the fact that it will become a great 2D shoot ‘m up game, it will have a very interesting plot too. Let me illustrate how funny, witty and inventive their ideas are with a small  personal story.
When it comes to cats and dogs, I’m a cat person. I’ve had a dog as a child and loved the little mongrel and I’m still fond of dogs. Well all animals with less than 6 legs can count on my sympathy, but the whole Felidae family in general is just irresistible.
Now this game has a story and character development in it that makes me almost root for the dogs. In fact, it’s Star Wars all over again. You are supposed to be on the rebel side, buuuuuut, secretly I always rooted for the bad guys: I just feel so sorry for their crappy marksmanship, I guess …

Anyway, here is the promo artwork for the Cat team: The Cougar Squadron. From left to right:
Flight Officer Art Buckle – Captain Jane “Jinxy” Cat – in the back Colonel Neville Chesterfield, Ground Control Officer – Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III (Angel for friends). She is the main character, a heavy set woman wrapped up in a space suit like a sausage – Lieutenant Mike “Maverick” Linsfield, the hunk of the squadron – and on the far right the only dog in the team Frederick “Fred” Stubblehauser, the scientist.


Cougar Squadron
Cougar Squadron – Promo art for an upcoming 2D game by Robotic Potato

I’m working on the dog team of the Grolich Empire now and post it as soon as possible on my blog. Meanwhile you can follow Robotic Potato’s twitter feed to stay up to date with the latest news on Spacecats in Space!

A paper and pen RPG on zombies …. yay!

Some of you already might know: I love working for indie games. Today I present you the cover artwork for Red Markets, A pen ‘n paper RPG game in development by Caleb Stokes from Hebanon Games.

It is certainly not your average hack and whack zombie game. No, this one has some interesting mechanics built into it and you’ll need to rely on your functioning brain to stay alive!

Curious? Follow his twitter  feed and stay up to date with the zombie madness!

Cover art Red Markets
Red Markets – Hebanon Games