Space battles!

New content for the upcoming “Spacecats in space!” computer game by Robotic Potato, a NYC-based indie game studio.

The mighty Grolich Empire is attacking the planet Meowfyre. Oberluft Kommandant Von Schloss demands the planet surrender or he will destroy it slowly city by city with the mass driver gun on his super spacedreadnaught, the “Fenrir”.

Promotional artwork for "Spacecats in space!"
Promotional artwork for “Spacecats in space!”

Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III leads the counter attack with her Cougar Squadron. A fierce dog/cat fight ensues between  the Cougar CAT1 Heavy Fighters and the Reinwulf Space Superiority Fighters.

Spaceship sprites for "Spacecats in Space!"
Spaceship sprites for “Spacecats in Space!”


Spacecats in Space! Here are the villains

Another ‘Spacecats in Space!‘ update. Who’s the best opponent for a cat? Dogs right?
So let me present you the fearsome opponents for our Cougar team: The Grolich Empire.

The Grolich team
The Grolich team. From Left to right: Kapitan Bostwick Fritz – Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried – Oberluft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss – Oberstleutnant Siegfried Krumholtz – Tank Captain Greta Kriegshund

The weapon Kapitan Bostwick Fritz (far left) is hauling is one of the smaller canons of his Stubblehauser Heavy Gunship. The guy is so enormous he’s just walking around with it. With ‘enormous’ I mean that he could shred The Mountain to pieces and have him as dessert. He is something of a colossal Mastiff, Doberman and Pitbull rolled into one.  Then we have a Schnauzer, Oberleutnant Russell Von Mansfried, our noble opponent. What better breed than a German Shepard as Oblk. Von Scholss? He is Princess Angel’s nemesis. ‘Tall, powerful, well dressed, commanding’ that was what my client’s brief said. Of course, every bad guy needs to have a bootlicking idiot, so let me present you Lt. Krumholtz. Finally we have Captain Greta Kriegshund as a really mean vicious bitch (pun intended). She is ruthless, mean and absolutely hates cats.

So here you have them, hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re interested in how the game development is going, just follow Robotic Potato’s tweets (or keep an eye on my blog as I will post updates from time to time).