LEGENDS OF CEREDYN – General Aodhan of Bergen

I thought it would be nice to think up some characters and write down their backstories. Here goes the first one: The General of the High kingdom, Aodhan of Bergen.

General Aodhan of Bergen
General Aodhan of Bergen

With his towering height and broad shoulders, the General of the High Kingdom commands respect from friend and foe. Recruited during the 50 year civil war, he has served in the army since he was barely grown out of cubhood. He fought his way up the ranks displaying exceptional bravery and strength. Soon his name was feared among his enemies and praised by his commanding officers. Tinnagon Hargammar, the current King, granted him the rank of general for his loyalty and military achievements: it was thanks to his strategic insight that the final battle was won and the civil war brought to an end. He is not much of an politician and prefers wielding the sword on a battlefield over twisting words and devious rhetorics in Parliament. A commoner by birth, the nobility despises him as much as they fear him. His conflicts with the old nobel elite are often the reason for quarrels with the King. While he is ruthless and known for merciless deeds against his foes, he is respected by his men. The Captain of the Bear guard, Gunnarr Cunarson, is his main rival.

Hope you like it!

Gnome wizard

It has been too long since my last post, but it was so busy with Spacecats in Space that there was no time left to work on my own projects. So I’m going to make it up by posting my adventuring gnome wizard! Don’t be fooled by his small appearance, he is a formidable wizard and few match his knowledge of the arcane. Assisted by his not-so-brave familiar Mr. Bunny, he wanders the world to find old tomes guarded by witch kings or to battle evil side by side with human warriors and famous heroes.


gnome wizard
gnome wizard

Wood elf

Just finished a portrait illustration of a Wood Elf. I tried to give her less of an ethereal look. A bit more of a down to earth, hard working, survival- through battle-with-ugly-monsters type of elf. No time for prancing under the trees!

Wood elf portrait
Wood elf portrait

Space battles!

New content for the upcoming “Spacecats in space!” computer game by Robotic Potato, a NYC-based indie game studio.

The mighty Grolich Empire is attacking the planet Meowfyre. Oberluft Kommandant Von Schloss demands the planet surrender or he will destroy it slowly city by city with the mass driver gun on his super spacedreadnaught, the “Fenrir”.

Promotional artwork for "Spacecats in space!"
Promotional artwork for “Spacecats in space!”

Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III leads the counter attack with her Cougar Squadron. A fierce dog/cat fight ensues between  the Cougar CAT1 Heavy Fighters and the Reinwulf Space Superiority Fighters.

Spaceship sprites for "Spacecats in Space!"
Spaceship sprites for “Spacecats in Space!”


The High Council

Wow, time flies! It has been too long since my last blog post. Never knew that the High Council would take me so long to finish, and I’m still quite unhappy about it. The thing is, when spending so long on one piece, you loose your ability to see mistakes. Yet everything I wanted to be in the picture is there: the diffuse dusty light int the back, the King vulture in his regal attire, the menacing throne, the council looking at our ferret knight (still haven’t figured out his name) and keeping their distance … yet … I don’t know. It’s such a struggle sometimes to illustrate the image that is perfect in your mind. They often turn out so flawed in reality.
There is a story in all my ferret illustrations, but hush, it’s still a secret :)

The High Council and the King
The High Council and the King!